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2017 Non-Pro Show Winners

(photos by Arnold Winkler)

Not Pictured


Best in Painting in Memory of Georgia Dukes:

Elaine Burnett

Best in Graphic in Memory of Pat Kilgour:

John Grob


Best in Photography in Memory of Beverly "Sunny" Holmes: Julia Cook

Merit in Painting: Donna Longacre

Merit in Photography: Larry Meyers

Merit in Graphics: Kate Pike


GNAL Board of Directors' Award:

Vicki Marino

Donald Robinson Memorial Award:

Gary Shollenberger


Award in Honor of Jane Sillcox, given by the Monday Night Painting Class:  Ann Haig

Mary Benfield Memorial Award:

Loretta Ryan


Carole Bellet Memorial Award:

Deborah Dorn

Frances Dubon Memorial Award:

Teresa Brown



Not Pictured

Student Award: Rosalie Funk

Student Award: Catherine Elam


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