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president: Mary Maudsley 

vice president: Mary Maudsley

treasurer: Margaret Washington

president emeritus: Arnold F. Winkler

secretary: Vicki Marino



Carol Salter

Jo Ann Cooksey Bono

Ria Hyer

Mary Ward

Roz Silverman

Mary Ellen Sillcox

Marlene Gaudio

Pamela Martin

Candace Zacher


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Arnold Winkler (photos)

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ways & means:Fran Barone

hospitality: Mary Maudsley

librarian: Vicki Marino          

sunshine: Bea Lebish (     

trips: Fran Barone ( 

newsletter: Mary Ellen Sillcox (

newsletter mailing: Lorraine Siercchio

memorial awards: Jim Brotzman       

programming: Arnold Winkler/Carol Salter

program editor: Martin Wigg

class monitor coordinator:  Mary Ellen Sillcox   

student shows: Carol Salter

membership directory: Jo Ann Cooksey Bono

GNAL Annual Appeal:  Fran Barone (GNAL_Annual_

historian: Carol Salter

overseas trips: Fran Barone          

workshops: Ria Hyer 610.272.8796

webmaster: Jo Ann Cooksey Bono

administrative assistant: Fran Barone (


Our Mission:  Greater Norristown Art League, Inc. is a non-profit organization with a 501 (c)(3) status engaged in the promotion and teaching of the Arts. Founded in 1941 and chartered in 1957, it is located in the Old Norriton Schoolhouse and is one of E. Norriton Township's "Historical Resources."

We offer day and evening classes for adults and children, workshops in all media, exhibition opportunities, life classes, Saturday classes and summer camps for children. Our monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

   Click here for instructors' biographies.

SALES:  GNAL retains 20% commission from members and 30% commission from non-members on artworks sold during or as the direct result of GNAL sponsored events.  

The Schoolhouse Gallery is available weekends for 1-3 person exhibitions.  Rental fee is $150 (or 20% commission for members and 30% commission for non-members, whichever is greater). All other conditions are addressed in GNAL's Rental Contract.