2021 Live and Online Adult Classes

INFORMATION: Masks must be worn at all times, 6 feet distancing, and frequent handwashing, including hand sanitizers being available around the art room.

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~ Auguste Rodin

Instructor: Doug Tweddale

Plein Air Explorations

Outdoor Live Class 

Saturday • May 22, June 5, June 12 and June 19

We are Back!

BONUS: June 5 is Plein Air at Norristown Farm Park and there will be jurying at 4 pm for prizes awarded by Carla Bates from The Framing Shop of Conshocken.

Plein Air painting can be challenging for those that have always painted in a studio, but the rewards of painting outdoors are immense!  Painting outdoors opens a world of vibrant colors and shadow and light details that is not found in photos.  Doug has taught Plein Air painting for many years, and he has studied extensively with Albert Handell and other Plein Air master painters.

Classes will start at 10 am in area parks and will end with a class critique around 3 pm.  Doug will do a demonstration each morning and will provide help at your easel.  Bring your usual painting gear and provide for sun protection, lunch and water.  Lunch will be eaten on location.

Come join us for this wonderful outdoor exploration of the beauty around us and gain valuable insights and support from Doug based upon his long experience painting outdoors.  All mediums and experience levels are welcome.

Possible painting locations: Valley Forge, Perkiomen Trail, Green Lane, Lansdale Train Station, New Hope, Doylestown and more…

Raindates will be made up.

Plein Air - 4 Saturdays

Instructor: Roxanne Slemmer

Bits n Pieces Mosaics

“Live” – 8 maximum and masks are required

Monday • 5-weeks • 2 to 5 pm 

Session 1: April 5, 12,19, 26, May 3

Session 2: May 10, 17, 24, 26, June 7

(Session 2 has been adjusted for Memorial Day holiday)

Join us for a fun and relaxing afternoon learning to create a beautiful piece of art using, tesserae, stones, tile and glass. Choose an image and bring a copy of it with you the first day of class. There is a $20.00 materials fee due at the beginning of the first class.
Feel free to contact me with questions:
Bits n Pieces Mosaics

Instructor: Gabrielle Sivitz

Sketch Club – Pen & Ink with Watercolor

Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12

Session 1 • Tuesday • June 8 -to 29 • 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Session 2 • Tuesday • July 13 to August 3 • 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Curious about urban sketching or keeping a travel sketchbook or an art journal of your daily life? This class will focus on learning how to sketch what you see, simplifying scenes, and objects to create personal impressions of places, things, and experiences. We’ll discuss simple portable supplies so that you can work anywhere. No drawing or painting experience necessary.

Have a few sheets of plain paper and a pencil and eraser for the first class. We’ll go over the other supply options then.
Feel free to contact me with questions: gsivitzart@gmail.com 

Sketch Club - Pen and Ink!

Instructor: Jason Rodriguez

Introduction to Drawing What You Love

Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12

Great for beginners or students that are new to online programming

Tuesday • 6-weeks • 7 to 9 pm
Session 1: January 19, 26, February 2, 9, 16, 23 – Level 1 basic drawing skills and learning about value, perspective. and the human body

Break: March 2

Session 2: March 9, 16, 23, 20, April 6, 13 – Level 2 which is for beginner/intermediate with some basic drawing experience; will be focusing on birds, animals, and flowers

Break: April 20

Session 3: April 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25 and June 1 – Level 3 which is beginner/intermediate with some basic drawing experience; will be focusing on landscapes, vehicles, and objects

Break: June 9

Session 4: June 15, 22, 29, July 6, 13, 20 – Level 4 which is beginner/intermediate with some basic drawing experience; will be focusing on facial expressions, hands and feet

Tired of your drawings looking flat? Do your still lives just look off? Or maybe your characters  end up with a long torso and tiny legs. Is that white, blank page saying you are already doing it wrong before you even begin? It might be time to uncover the secret to drawing things you love. Every object, character and scene are made up of shapes in space. This class will teach you how to see shape in everything, so you can draw anything you’d like. Once we learn to see shapes in space, we will learn some tricks to drawing people, animals, objects and scenery. This class is perfect for beginners and those who need a refresher in drawing. When you’re happier with your drawings, you’re going to draw more, and that’s good for everyone!  


  1. Canson Mixed Media Paper (11X14)–This paper is easy to find and works great if we need to add water to anything
  2. 2B Pencil
  3. Orange or Blue Col-Erase Pencil
  4. Soft Charcoal Pencil
  5. Round Watercolor Paint Brush Size 4 (We’ll use this to add water to charcoal)
  6. Blending Tortillons
  7. Kneaded Eraser
  8. Ball Point Pen– My favorite is the Zebra f.301 0.7 mm

Digital Tools (Optional)

  1. iPad and Apple Pencil or a Desktop/Laptop and Wacom Drawing Tablet
  2. Software Options–Procreate for iPad, Sketchbook Pro for iPad or Desktop/Laptop Operating Systems 

Feel free to contact me with questions: jdrodpictures@gmail.com

Intro to Drawing What You Love

Instructor: Russell Magee



Instructor: Jason Rodriguez

Pen to Paper Series

This series is designed to work together with one another, writing and illustration, featuring instructors Russell Magee and Jason Rodriguez. Learn to explore your emotions and senses to create through writing then illustration.

Online Zoom Classes – Maximum 12

Monday • 5 weeks • 7 to 9 pm

Writing Session 1: January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15
Break: February 22
Illustration Session 2: March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Break: April 5
Writing Session 3: April 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10
Break: May 17
Illustration Session 4: May 24, June 7, 14, 21, 28 


To write is to paint using words for colors, sentences for brushstrokes, a pen for a paintbrush. To write is to court life’s wondrous details, to capture and reconvey, and delight in the process. Is your imagination burning behind an idle hand? Do you have a voice that aches to be heard? Are you a writer and just need a bit of guidance? This class will teach you the basics of better writing. From the foundation of grammar and the study of the sentence, to the art of the craft–the study of imagery, description, and narrative in both poetry and fiction. The goal of this class is to improve your writing and help you create pieces you are proud of. This class is perfect for both beginners looking for help getting started and the seasoned writer looking to hone their craft and simply create. Give life to your imagination, and sound to your voice.

If you have any questions please contact me at robertrussellmagee@gmail.com


Comics, Cartoons, Picture Books. They all do one thing–tell a story in pictures. This class will not teach you how to draw but how to communicate a narrative in pictures. We’re skipping how to draw a character running and going straight to answering questions like what is this character running from? Are they tired? Are they fast? Are they slow? The goal of this class is to teach the artist how to communicate emotion, action and meaning in images regardless of their drawing skill level. This class starts with the artist first and seeks to foster their specific way to illustrate a story. The Required Material is very basic for this reason. The Optional Recommended Material is where the artist can choose the medium best for them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at jdrodpictures@gmail.com for further direction.

Required Material –

  • Canson Mixed Media Paper (11X14)–This paper is easy to find and works great if we need to add water to anything
  • 2B Pencil
  • Orange or Blue Col-Erase Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser

Optional but Recommended Material (Pick at least ONE Media for Making Lines and ONE Media for Making Color)
Material for Making Lines:

  • Ballpoint Pen – “Zebra f.301 0.7 mm”
  • Brush Pen – “Pentel Pocket Brush Pen”
  • Multiliners – “Sakura Micron Set”
  • Charcoal Pencil

Material for Making Color:

  • Oil Pastel – “Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist” (works best on grey or tan Toned Paper)
  • Color Pencil – “Prisma Color Premier” (at least a 24 ct. set)
  • Watercolor – “Sakura Koi Water Colors Pocket Field Sketch Box”
  • Brush sizes – Round 7, 4, 1

Instructor: Betz Green

All Media Drawing

“Live” – 8 maximum and masks are required

Wednesday • 5-weeks • 10 to 1 pm 

Session 1: January 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17
Break: February 24
Session 2: March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Break: April 7
Session 3: April 14, 21,  28, May 5, 12

Drawing proficiency is important for all artists, whether highly skilled in a medium of choice or, just beginning on a creative journey.
This class is for all levels. Each class includes demonstrations in various mediums, techniques and art theory, with ample time for individual practice.
On the first day of each new session a still life will be arranged and, using charcoal, I will sketch the set-up while discussing traditional working
methods. This class may be used by those seeking independent work time and space with input from a fellow working artist.
Feel free to contact me with questions: bgreen@betzgreen.com
Supplies for first class:
1. Charcoal, either pencils, sticks or powdered (including white if you
have it)
2. Kneaded eraser
3. Charcoal or pastel paper (I used toned Canson pastel paper)
4. Chamois
5. Backer board and masking tape (to keep the paper rigid and in place)
6. Still life objects, or favorite photo to work from (either as a hard copy
or on an iPad)

Instructor: Jim Green

Oil Painting – seeing color in a new light!

“Live” – Maximum of 8 and masks are required

Tuesday • 6-weeks • 10 – 1 pm 

Session 3: April 6, 13, 20,  27, May 4, 11

This class is about the knowledge acquired and the fun involved with creating an oil painting. You will learn how to develop a painting from the start to a finished product, with a focus on preparing the surface, creating an interesting composition and getting the image on to the canvas. We will also discuss and practice the application of paint along with the proper use and care of materials. We’ll go over practical matters such as the economics of these sometimes costly materials along with getting into art shows.
During these sessions, I encourage any questions or discussions concerning oil painting, because I too am continuously learning from others.
  • Palette knife- plastic or metal
  • Palette- disposable paper pad or wood (recommended)
  • Odorless solvent- small container of Gamsol
  • Paint medium- Liquin Original
  • Container for holding solvent (for brush cleaning)
  • Brushes- bristle and soft
  • Round #2, #6
  • Flat or Bright #2, #4, #6
  • Oil paints;
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cadmium Red
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Cadmium Green
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Raw Umber
  • Burnt Siena
  • Titanium White
  • Painting surface- suggested size gessoed canvas or gessoed board- 11” x 14”, 12” x 16”, 16” x 20”
Photos you may want to paint from (no animals or people please) or a still life set-up.
Roll of paper towels or rags
Trash bag
An illustrated book about your favorite painter – (GNAL does have books available to look at if you do not have a favorite)
Please note: a good art supply store can help with any questions, or again, you can email me.
Feel free to contact me with questions concerning this class at jgreen@artbyjimgreen.com

Instructor: Gabrielle Sivitz

Everything Watercolor, including the kitchen sink!

Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12  

Great for beginners or students that are new to online programming

Wednesday • 6-weeks • 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Session 1: January 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24
Break: March 3
Session 2: March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14

Watercolor is not as difficult as you may think! Through demonstrations and exercises, you’ll learn how to work with watercolor rather than against it to create representational and non-representational paintings full of textures and color. Designed for beginners and intermediate artists alike, the focus of this online class will be playing with watercolor and having fun.


I realize that it’s a little harder to get art supplies right now. Think of this list as the ideal, but we’ll make do with what you already have or can get. Beginners, I’d recommend getting just the minimum required, then you can see if you like watercolor before you buy a lot of supplies. Feel free to contact me with questions: gsivitzart@gmail.com

Watercolor Paper: Use at least 140 lb. watercolor paper with a Cold Press or Rough surface. Good brands include Strathmore 400 series, Fabriano, and Arches. A watercolor block will only allow you to work on one painting at a time, so you may want a pad or sheets of paper instead. I do not stretch my paper, but you are welcome to if you want.

Watercolors in Tube or Pan Form: Professional artist-quality paints are best, but less expensive but also good student grade watercolors included Winsor & Newton “Cotman”, and Grumbacher “Academy” lines. Professional watercolor brands include DaVinci, M. Graham, Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, and Grumbacher. Dick Blick and Utrecht also offer their own watercolor lines.

Colors: You can start with just 3 colors, a red, a yellow and a blue, and mix all of your other colors from those three. Some options might be:

Reds, Yellows, Blues, Alizarin Crimson Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Rose Gamboge, Prussian, Blue Winsor Red,  Winsor Yellow,  Winsor Blue,

Pyrrol Red,  Lemon Yellow,  Cereulean Blue

Palette: There are so many options for palettes. I use a Mijello Fusion air-tight watercolor palette, but you can go as simple as clear or white plastic plates to mix your colors on! Most pan paints come with a palette built in.

Brushes:  For beginners, a small #1-#4 round brush for detail and a medium sized #8-#12 brush for larger areas will be a good start. A 3/4” or 1” flat or wash brush is handy, but not required. The size of the brush is noted on the brush handle. Make sure your brushes are made for watercolor painting – watercolor brushes are designed to hold a lot of water, unlike oil painting brushes for example. Princeton has some good budget brushes available at Artist & Craftsman Supply. Simply SImmons (Michael’s or Dick Blick online carry these) is another good inexpensive brand. Utrect, Grumbacher and Winsor & Newton all have good synthetic or natural hair watercolor brushes. Good quality watercolor brushes can be expensive, but make painting much easier!

Other supplies

• Pencil (2B is fine) • Tracing paper • Printer or basic drawing paper

• Eraser (I recommend a kneaded eraser) • Tissues • Paper towels or rags

• Containers for water • Hair dryer

I’ll be mentioning other optional supplies as the class goes along.

Some Art Supply Companies

Artist & Craftsman Supply 7926 Germantown Ave., Chestnut Hill

dickblick.com (also has brick & mortar stores in Philadelphia and Allentown)




Feel free to contact me with questions at gsivitzart@gmail.com


Instructor: Jessica Libor


Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12

Great for beginners or students that are new to online programming

Monday • 5-weeks • 2 to 4 pm (CLOSED)

Session 2: March 29, April 5, 12, 19, 26

In this fun and low pressure online class, students will learn how to create interesting and dynamic collage artworks on paper by juxtapozing different elements within each collage.  Materials recommended are colored papers, colored pencils, magazine cutouts, markers, acrylic paint, oil pastels, glitter, scrapbooking elements (at your discretion) and glue.  We will be working on a 11″ x 14″ bristol paper base.

Feel free to contact me with questions at jessica@jessicalibor.com


Instructor: Gabrielle Sivitz

Pen and Ink! with watercolor

Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12

Great for beginner or students that are new to online programming


Tuesday • 6-weeks • 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Session 2: March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13

Pen & ink is a versatile drawing medium that allows you to create different textures, values, and lines for beautiful and expressive drawings. Watercolor enhances pen & ink with color and special effects. In this introductory class, we’ll combine pen & ink with watercolor to create beautiful works of art. No painting experience needed. Some drawing experience recommended, but not required.


General Supplies:
Basic supplies for sketching: eraser (kneaded eraser is best) • pencil (HB or 2B is fine, 2H if you
have it) • basic drawing paper (printer paper is fine) • tracing paper • ruler

Pen & Ink Supplies:
– Sakura Pigma Micron pens in black – 01 (.25 mm line), 03 (.35 mm line) and 05 (.45 mm line).
These sizes are sold as a set or individually. Check carefully to make sure you get black ink. Pens
like Rapidograph mechanical pens (although they tend to clog and have to be cleaned) and
Faber-Castell PITT artist pens would also be fine.

Feel free to contact me with questions at gsivitzart@gmail.com


Instructor: Jessica Libor

Painterly Expressions

Online Zoom Class – Maximum of 12

Great for beginners or students that are new to online programming

Fridays • 5-weeks • 1 to 3 pm

Session 1: March 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23

In this guided online class, students will be able to work in oil, acrylic or watercolor, and use their own subject matter or reference photo.  Jessica will give demos in the various mediums and talk about their properties, and will give helpful and kind critiques to help students develop their own paintings.  Supplies recommended are watercolor paints, paper and brushes, acrylic paints with various brush sizes and a small canvas (11″ x 14″ or smaller), and oil paints with various brush sizes and a small canvas (11″ x 14″ or smaller).  Students do not need to work in all three mediums, but can pick one to work with the whole time or try new things as it strikes them!

Feel free to contact me with questions: jessica@jessicalibor.com 


Instructor: Steve Goldblatt

Playful Exposure to Digital Photography

Online Zoom Classes – Maximum 10

Thursday • 5 weeks • 6 to 8 pm

Session 1: January 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18
Break: February 25
Session 2: March 4, 11, 18, 25, April 1

Steve will be walking you through how your digital camera works and how to set up a professional camera shot. This class is also a way to optimize your photo for presentations or reproduction which can assist artists who want to enter artwork in online and shows and exhibits.

Class requirements: Camera and Zoom link will be provided.


Instructor: Doug Tweddale

Advanced Painting in Oils, Pastels and Acrylics

Online Zoom Classes • Maximum of 12

Thursday • 6 Weeks
Class:  2 pm • January 14, 21, 28 February 4, 11, 18
Critique: 11 am • January 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25

This class focuses upon advanced painting in multiple mediums and explores their similarities.  Learning in one medium applies to all three.  It is offered on-line for six primary classes with an added group critique class each week.  Doug has painted in oils since youth and for the last 40 years has done much work in pastels with a watercolor underpainting.  He has won many awards and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of the West Coast.

Doug will be demonstrating Pastels and oils during the series and will be critiquing the work done.  In this way, each student will have the opportunity to apply the instruction and receive feedback.  Classes will begin at 2 pm on January 14 and will be each Thursday through February 25.  Critique classes will be offered the next Thursday each week at 11 am.  Please join us for this informative class.

“No student will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, gender or ethnic origin. However, the Greater Norristown Art League reserves the right to refuse enrollment to participants with a history of disruptive behavior or for any impediment to the learning process of the group as a whole. ”

Information and Notes on Registration and Payment

Pre-Registration and payment for class can be made online. Register AND PAY early to ensure that your class runs because unfilled classes may be canceled.

Payment is due before the first class of each session. Information on classes without online registration, please contact the person listed with the class your interested in.

Sorry, there are no refunds once the class is in session.

Sorry, the classes cannot be prorated.

Special classes may be added at any time.

Note: Please pay attention to individual start dates on classes. Session 1, 2 and 3 are loosely started at the same time or same week.

“No student will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, gender or ethnic origin. However, the Greater Norristown Art League reserves the right to refuse enrollment to participants with a history of disruptive behavior or for any impediment to the learning process of the group as a whole. ”