Abscence of Daylight, photo by Frank Sylvis

Digital Photography

Arnold Winkler

5 weeks (10 hours)
$50 member/$68 non-member

This “hands-on” class will cover the operation of a digital camera from unpacking it to sharing your beautiful pictures. We will learn the vocabulary necessary to understand digital imaging; use of the camera with its menus, buttons, and controls; and discuss correct exposure, focus, and use of flash. Uploading images to a computer, organizing and enhancing them, and finally printing, e-mailing, and posting them on a website will be part of the course. Saturday, 10am-12:00pm, September 9 -October 7, 2017. One Sunday afternoon (September 24 from 11:00am on) will be spent at Morris Arboretum for applying the theoretical knowledge in real life.

Monitor: Arnold Winkler, 610-275-7674

Introduction to Photoshop

Arnold Winkler

4 weeks, 8 hours
$40 member/$54 non-member

Photoshop is a very complex program to create, enhance, and manipulate images. In this introductory class we will learn the vocabulary of digital imaging, as well as the basic functions of Photoshop for the control of brightness, color, and contrast. Available tools will be explained and demonstrated, mainly geared at the enhancement of photos. We will also learn how to combine images. To bring your laptop to the class with a version of Photoshop installed is optional.

Saturday 10 am-12 pm, November 11-December 2, 2017
Monitor: Arnold Winkler, 610-275-7674