Session 2 – Week July 29 to August 26

Please enjoy the NEW classes for 2019 Summer Adult Sessions. These classes are formulated for lots of summer fun while learning about Art and GNAL. If you have any questions please call 610.539.3393 (leave a message) or email 

Instructor: Marlene Gaudio


Session 2 • Starts July 29 • Monday • 6 to 9 pm 

Do you have a passion for 3D art and want to get your hands in clay? This introductory course will satisfy your need while covering important fundamentals of sound construction in the clay medium, exploring coil, slab, and pinch-modeling techniques. You will successfully design and make an animal sculpture in an airdry clay medium. This class welcomes all levels.   $75 member • 90 non-member

Material fee: $15 payable to instructor due at first class; tools will be provided for use during class sessions.

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Instructor: Frank Bruno


Session 2 •  Starts July 30 • Tuesday • 6 to 9 pm

My love for the impressionists inspired me to teach what I’ve learned and specialized in art schools about this fantastic period of art, especially 1880 to 1930, the later years. Explored here are eye-opening facts about these marvelous artists, the way they used color, their reasoning behind what they chose to do and the important impact they had on us all. Projects here emulate this movement involving: Varied Line Technique, Loose Style Qualities, Art Brute, Fauvism & Creative Composition, all done with dry mediums. Impressionism from other countries outside of France, as well as the Paris Scene & Concert Champetre, will be discussed.   $75 member • 90 non-member

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Instructor: Lorraine Ricciardi


Session 2 • Starts July 31 • Wednesday • 6:30 to 9 pm  

Rendering From a Photograph • Beginners/Intermediate Bring in your own photography or use pictures we will provide. Subjects can be family, pets, landscapes or concentrate on a single flower botanical drawing. We will be exploring color pencil techniques to achieve realistic renderings whether you want to learn a new skill or brush up on drawing techniques. All are welcome.   Materials • 12×16 Dry Medium color paper, Artist grade color pencils (Derwent), Set of drawing pencils, Erasers white and gum, Metal pencil sharpener, 2-3 photos, 18-inch ruler.     $60 member • 80 non-member

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Instructor: Nancy Taylor



Session 2 • Starts August 1 • Thursday • 6 to 9 pm 

Instructor: Anthony Rotondo


Session 2 • Friday • 7 to 9 pm

 Starts August 9 to September 6

This class is for those who love kids and love books that kids love. Have fun as you learn
how to brainstorm ideas, select a suitable topic for target audiences, and master
the economy of diction…all with a published author who guarantees to have
you laugh out loud every week. Tony will share with you, The Smelly Green Giant,
his work in progress as you begin your own.   $50 member • 65 non-member

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Session 1 – Week June 24 to July 22 

Please enjoy the NEW classes for 2019 Summer Adult Sessions. These classes are formulated for lots of summer fun while learning about Art and GNAL. If you have any questions please call 610.539.3393 (leave a message) or email

Summer Sessions are 5-week classes with the exception of Children’s Book Illustration which is a 6-week class. 

Instructor: Frank Bruno


Session 1 • Starts June 24 • Monday • 6 to 9 pm

This class allows the artist to “Break Out of the Box” and expand their sense of tones, rendering still life subject matter while learning the properties of color theory in advanced ways. Students will utilize Oil Pastel, Chalk Pastel, Charcoals, Conte, and Mixed Medium techniques. Projects include Hans Hofmann Coloration, The Harley Brown Use of the Color Wheel, Juxtaposing Color More Effectively, Fauvist Use of Color & Color Replacement Techniques. Be ready to turn yourselves inside out a little!    $75 member • 90 non-member

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Instructor: Elisabeth Moise


Session 1 • Starts June 25 • Tuesday • 6 to 9 pm

Beginner • With a little concentration, patience, and attention to detail, you will discover that crocheting is a great way to express your creativity while creating beautiful and practical pieces! The craft of crocheting is fun to learn and you will love the results! This class will introduce students to the basics of crochet, learn to read a pattern, practice different stitching techniques and complete a “First Project.”
Materials: Crochet hook size from I-9 through K-10 ½ (bring 1 to 2 hooks) Yarn: At least three different colors of a medium weight yarn (also called worsted). The yarn colors should be complementary to each other. Depending on the project, you will need 4-7 skeins of yarn (at about 200 yards per skein). You can choose how much of each color you want.  Also, bring whatever unused yarn you may have if you would like. A tapestry needle large enough to thread the yarn. Optional: Stitch Markers, safety pins.   $75 member • 90 non-member

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Instructor: Lorraine Ricciardi


Session 1 • Starts June 26 • Wednesday • 6:30 to 9 pm 

Summer Still Life • Beginners/Intermediate  •  This is the first class in a series of 2 color Pencil classes. This Still Life class is concentrating on rendering from an object. We will be inspired by summer colors, shells, and plants along with traditional still life motifs. Students will benefit from these classes whether you are brushing up on your drawing skills or looking to explore color pencil medium.   $60 member • 80 non-member

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Instructor: Stefanie Lieberman


Session 1 • Starts June 20 • Thursday • 6 to 9 pm

In this class, students can use their own photographs of landscapes to organize and create a painting. A strong focus will be placed on composition, perspective, color mixing, and painting techniques. Individual instruction will be provided in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. All mediums and skill levels are welcome.   $75 member • 90 non-member

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Instructor: Michael Adams


Session 1 • Friday • 6 to 9 pm

6-week • Starts June 21 to August 2

Have you always wanted to illustrate a children’s book? This course will help you bring your story or your favorite children’s book story to life. Learn to storyboard the layout and visual narrative for your story. Develop a personal style for your characters and illustrations for picture books, animal stories or folk stories. Art can be tailored to the reading level of your choice. Work in the media of your choice, traditional or digital, if you have Adobe Photoshop. Instruction and demos will include watercolor, mixed media and digital art techniques using Photoshop. After storyboarding and character development, the goal is to illustrate one or two pages of your book.   $90 member • 105 non-member

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“No student will be denied admission on the basis of race, color, gender or ethnic origin. However, the Greater Norristown Art League reserves the right to refuse enrollment to participants with a history of disruptive behavior or for any impediment to the learning process of the group as a whole. ”