Tape Transfer Collage

Joy Cognata

Friday, November 9
6:30 – 9:30 pm

Bring your donation of much-needed towels and blankets to help the SPCA as you learn how to make a Tape Transfer Collage amongst fellow animal lovers. This process includes placing clear packing tape over a magazine or laser-print images. The ink from your chosen image transfers to the clear tape resulting in a transparent version of your picture. Rearranging and stacking tape transfers is a fun way to reimagine the way you think about collage art.
Required materials: You may bring magazine pictures or a LASER PRINT image of your pet(s) or favorite animal(s). Materials are provided if you do not bring your own image.

Contact: Joy Cognata

$45 member • 60 non-member

Introduction to Ancient Form of Mosaics

Roxanne Slemmer

Saturday, November 10
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Join us for this one day introduction class in the ancient form of mosaics. Students will learn how to choose and prepare the substrate. Various materials available to adhere tile, glass and found objects. We will finish with grouting and ways to display your final piece. Students will have a variety of colorful materials to choose from to create their piece. If you have special trinkets, old china, stones or jewelry you’d like to incorporate into your piece bring it along and we will discuss options for patterns and layouts. Come join the fun!


$75 member • 95 non-member

Plein Air Workshops Painting on Location

Doug Tweddale

September 1 & 29
October 6, 13 & 27
November 3
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Plein Air (outdoor painting) has a long and successful history with artists for excellent reasons. Have you ever viewed a scene that was exciting and beautiful, then you photograph it only to be disappointed with the outcome? Somehow the photo didn’t quite capture it. Standing at a scene, the artist has the direct sensory experience that adds to the spontaneity of any painting. Plein Air can also be difficult to focus and simplify, and the light changes over the duration of a painting and an artist may “chase the light” and ruin their painting. Doug paints almost exclusively outdoors, and has studied many years with Plein Air Masters such as Albert Handell and others.

Contact: Doug Tweddale

$40 member • 50 non-member

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Watercolor – Tricks and Techniques

Gail Bracegirdle

Saturday, October 27
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

We will try various resists, texturing and “printing” techniques that can be incorporated into your paintings. Some folks call it “cheating,” but we call it “being creative.” If you bring a sketchbook along with your watercolors, you will be able to take notes about your experiments to save for your own experiments. After a 20+ year career designing printed fabrics and wall coverings, Gail Bracegirdle began doing artwork in transparent watercolor full time. She began sharing her skills through teaching in 1993 and very much enjoys it. Over the years, sketchbooks have become a constant in her work. She uses them as a diary, teaching aid, planning tool, and source of ideas for her paintings. Gail currently has classes through the Continuing Education Department at Bucks County Community College, Artworks Trenton, and the Princeton Arts Council.


$75 member • 95 non-member

Collage IT!

Joy Cognata

Friday, October 26
6:30 – 9:30 pm

BYOB;Escape your busy lifestyle and zen out! In this workshop, you will create your own cut paper mandala while enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage. You will feel relaxed while you cut colors and patterns to arrange into a unique design. No experience needed. Required materials: At least one magazine

Contact: Joy

$45 member • 60 non-member